Director’s statement

With the single exception of one key scene, the film is not based on building an emotional relationship with the audience, but is rather a vision of a possible future. The issue of the use and processing of personal data has become increasingly important in today’s world. It was important to me to present the near and immediate future in the film. The first act is set in the present and this allows the audience to refer to what they see. The epilogue set in 2020, presents the world we know one or two steps further along.

This is not a sci-fi film.

Adam Janisch

Professor’s statement

[...] Forcing Function is a ruthless diagnosis of a computerized society ruled by the market and pressure for success. [...] The film shows the atomisation of society and the struggle of individuals for economic status, which equates to position on the social ladder. The film, despite being made up of episodes – fragments of individual lives, is a consistent view of the relations within society in their entirety. [...] Forcing Function is a mature reflection on where a technologically developed consumer society can head towards.

prof. Grzegorz Kowalski